Napa, CA: Blake Mendenhall Accident – 15-Year-Old Injured After Snowboarding Accident in Reno


Napa, CA: Blake Mendenhall Accident – 15-Year-Old Injured After Snowboarding Accident in Reno: Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that comes with its own risks, as experienced by 15-year-old Blake Mendenhall from Napa, California. This tragic incident highlights the importance of safety and the devastating impact of accidents. Discover the story of Blake’s passion for snowboarding, the accident that changed everything, and how you can support his family during this difficult time.

What happened to Blake Mendenhall?

Blake Mendenhall’s story serves as a somber reminder of the risks associated with snowboarding. This tragic incident took place at the Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe resort in Reno, Nevada. Blake, a passionate and talented 15-year-old snowboarder from Napa, California, met with a devastating accident that resulted in a severe head injury. While enjoying a day on the slopes with his father and brother, Blake attempted a backflip off a ramp. Tragically, he landed on his head, leading to immediate medical attention and emergency surgery at Renown Regional Medical Center. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Blake’s injuries proved fatal, and he passed away three days later.

How did Blake Mendenhall’s family and friends react to his death?

The news of Blake Mendenhall’s untimely death sent shockwaves through his family and friends. Those who knew him describe Blake as a kind-hearted, funny, and loving young man. As a sophomore at Vintage High School, Blake was an active member of the wrestling team and the drama club, with dreams and ambitions ahead of him. His father, Brian Mendenhall, cherished their close bond, considering Blake to be his best friend. Jennifer Mendenhall, Blake’s mother, fondly referred to him as her angel, acknowledging the significant impact he had on others through his infectious smile and spirit. Tyler Mendenhall, Blake’s brother, looked up to him as a role model. The community at large, including friends, classmates, and teachers, expressed their deep grief and condolences. They shared heartfelt memories of Blake on social media and gathered at a candlelight vigil held in his honor at the school.

How can you help Blake Mendenhall’s family?

Blake Mendenhall’s family faces immense financial burdens stemming from the medical expenses, funeral costs, and related expenses following the accident and his passing. To support the family during this difficult time, they have set up a GoFundMe page. The page aims to raise funds to alleviate the financial strain and honor Blake’s memory. So far, the response has been overwhelming, with over $50,000 in donations from more than 1,000 people. Alongside the financial contributions, countless messages of support and sympathy have poured in. If you would like to help Blake Mendenhall’s family, you can visit their GoFundMe page to make a donation. Additionally, spreading the word about Blake’s story and sharing the page with your friends and family can make a meaningful impact in raising awareness and support.


Q: When did Blake Mendenhall die?

A: Blake Mendenhall passed away on February 20, 2024, three days after his snowboarding accident in Reno, Nevada.

Q: How old was Blake Mendenhall when he died?

A: Blake Mendenhall was 15 years old at the time of his passing. He was born on July 15, 2008.

Q: What was Blake Mendenhall’s cause of death?

A: Blake Mendenhall suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of his snowboarding accident. This injury included a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma, which is bleeding in the brain.

Q: Where did Blake Mendenhall live?

A: Blake Mendenhall resided in Napa, California, along with his parents and his brother. He was attending Vintage High School as a sophomore.

Q: What was Blake Mendenhall’s favorite sport?

A: Blake Mendenhall had a deep passion for snowboarding. He found great joy and exhilaration in the sport, constantly challenging himself with tricks and jumps. His favorite destination was the Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe resort, where he held a season pass. In addition to snowboarding, he also enjoyed participating in wrestling and drama activities at school.