Lee Faye Wong: The Tragic Story of a Hiker Missing on Mount Baldy


Lee Faye Wong: The Tragic Story of a Hiker Missing on Mount Baldy unveils the heartbreaking tale of Lee Faye Wong, a 32-year-old avid hiker who went missing on Mount Baldy in California. Despite her familiarity with the trails, Lee’s ill-fated decision to hike alone during a winter storm led to a week-long search and rescue effort that ended in tragedy. Discover the details surrounding her disappearance and the devastating impact it had on her loved ones and the hiking community.

How Did Lee Faye Wong Go Missing?

Lee Faye Wong, a passionate hiker with a deep love for the outdoors, embarked on a solo hike to Mount Baldy on February 4, 2024. Despite being aware of the weather forecast warning of heavy snow and strong winds, she decided to brave the challenging conditions. Setting off from the Manker Flats trailhead early in the morning, she was last seen by another hiker near the summit of Mount Baldy. In her pink jacket and black pants, she expressed her intention to descend via the Devil’s Backbone trail, a narrow ridge connecting the summit to the Baldy Notch ski area. However, to the dismay of her loved ones, she never made it to the ski area and failed to return to her car. Concerned, her family reported her missing the following day when she did not show up for work.

What Was the Search and Rescue Effort Like?

The search and rescue effort launched for Lee Faye Wong was an arduous and challenging operation due to the severe weather conditions and the rugged terrain of Mount Baldy. Over 100 dedicated volunteers from various agencies, including the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the San Gabriel Valley Search and Rescue Team, joined forces in the search. Employing helicopters, drones, search dogs, and snowshoes, they tirelessly combed the mountain in search of any signs of Wong. However, they encountered numerous obstacles along the way. The relentless risk of avalanches, hypothermia, and frostbite forced the search to be suspended multiple times. The searchers, undeterred, faced low visibility, strong winds, and deep snow as they continued their mission. Tragically, some of the searchers themselves suffered injuries in the form of sprains and fractures while combing the treacherous terrain. The search persisted for seven long days until Wong’s lifeless body was discovered by a helicopter crew near the Devil’s Backbone trail, approximately a mile from the summit. Tragically, she had been buried under several feet of snow and displayed signs of trauma. Subsequent investigations by the coroner’s office confirmed that she had succumbed to hypothermia and blunt force injuries.

What Was the Reaction to Lee Faye Wong’s Death?

The news of Lee Faye Wong’s untimely demise sent shockwaves of sorrow through her family, friends, and the entire hiking community. Fondly remembered as a kind-hearted, cheerful, and adventurous individual, she was well-known for her love of travel and exploring new destinations. Holding a degree in accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles, she worked as a financial analyst and dedicated her free time to volunteering with the American Red Cross, assisting in disaster relief efforts. In honor of her memory, family and friends gathered at the Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier to pay their respects and share heartfelt tributes. They expressed their gratitude to the search and rescue teams for their unwavering efforts and urged fellow hikers to exercise caution and preparedness when embarking on adventures in Mount Baldy.


Q: Why did Lee Faye Wong hike alone on Mount Baldy?

A: Lee Faye Wong was an experienced hiker who found solace and a sense of freedom in hiking alone. She enjoyed the personal challenge and the opportunity for self-reflection that solo hikes provided. Despite being aware of the weather conditions, she believed she was well-prepared for the hike, having checked the weather forecast and trail conditions before setting out.

Q: How did Lee Faye Wong die on Mount Baldy?

A: Lee Faye Wong tragically lost her life on Mount Baldy due to hypothermia and blunt force injuries. It is believed that she became disoriented or lost during the snowstorm and accidentally fell from the treacherous Devil’s Backbone trail, a narrow ridge that becomes even more hazardous in adverse weather conditions. Her body was buried under several feet of snow, making it impossible for her to survive the freezing temperatures.